Biofeedback Techniques

Thanks Anne for bringing back sanity to health. The body scans are the best way to do check how your body is doing, far more efficient than anything else. The body scan is so extremely sensitive, it showed me exactly what was wrong and needed attention.

One of the keys to a successful health regimen is accurate and detailed information being available for a thorough analysis and feedback.  Many people suffer from what we term “functional disturbances”, or symptoms that persist when no specific tissue or organ damage is identified by conventional methods.  Disturbances occur when the body is unable to sufficiently compensate for changes in either its internal conditions or external circumstances.  At Vie Harmony, we use the EIS and ASYRA, two advanced technology systems, to identify the roots of your condition and symptoms.

The Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS) is leading bio-sensor technology which provides modeling of the bodies' systems and monitoring of the physiological data. See the details here.

How Does EIS Work?


The EIS system is the only commercially available unit using a safe electrical Direct Current. Through the interstitial fluid, EIS provides analysis of many physiological parameters within the cells’ activities, as well as the microcirculation within various body organs and systems.

You will place your hands and feet on special sensors; 2 more sensors are applied to the temple area. The EIS is safe and non invasive; it takes only 2 minutes to produce a three dimensional model of your entire body’s systems, which are then interpreted.  Progress from applications can also be easily measured in this same way.

Results from EIS are that you will be able to better understand and visualize what is happening inside your body, and feel confident that a complete protocol is designed to address all types of conditions and imbalances.


The innovative ASYRA functional testing technology can be very effective, particularly when used in conjunction with the Electro Interstitial Scanning.  

This non-invasive and safe tool takes energetic readings and measures the body’s reactions in critical areas such as Hormonal Evaluation; Circulatory Disturbances; Immune Disorders; Digestive Problems; Food Sensitivity; Sleep Disturbances; Weight Loss; Environmental Sensitivities; and General Nutrition. 

A Comprehensive Analysis evaluates over 5,000 details, including Bacteria; Cell Salts; Chemical Toxins; Dental issues; Fungi; Heavy Metal Deposits; Mycoplasma; Parasites; Protozoa and Neurotransmitters, among others.  There has been extensive medical and scientific research into the process and results of using ASYRA.

The ASYRA technology identifies various possible remedies that can address the underlying disturbances in your body, and measures the progress of your Vie Harmony personal regimen. 

To learn more about ASYRA, see this video.