Internal Cleanses

Certain nutritional factors also play essential roles during internal cleansing. Our bodies’ natural ability to detoxify will deteriorate if these key nutrients are missing or deficient.  Additionally, we offer certain botanical extracts which have been proven to strengthen the cells and maximize detoxification.

Vie Harmony’s counseling on basic good Nutrition will recommend the most pure and organic choices available. We have probiotics and digestive enzymes to optimize your improved diet. Stress reduction techniques and good nutrition both play key roles in your overall well being as well as in effective weight management.

Vie Harmony offers two and three week gentle Cleanses where diet and nutrition are carefully monitored. Daily cleansing supplements are provided to specifically support the lymphatic system, liver and other internal organs during detoxification. 

The cleanse is so easy to incorporate into my routine and I am grateful that the supplement taste is pleasant. ( Some of the others I have used are very hard to swallow ). I immediately started to lose weight and feel better with more mental focus; the diet is one that I have been able to follow even after finishing the cleanse. I even asked Anne if I could just keep on the cleanse program because I like the results so much. We compromised by deciding I could do it several times a year, and that is working well for me. I understand now what Alive Within means

CLS, age 59, Petaluma


The cleanse Anne recommended was extremely effective, within 3 weeks I felt a major difference, all Anne's recommendations are thoroughly researched. Anne is highly efficient in her treatments and I highly recommend Anne to all my friends/people I care about, she is the best.