Understanding AIRNERGY - How it works

By "burning" the oxygen we breath in, our body generates the energy that we need to live. But we exhale 3/4 of the oxygen we breathe in without utilizing it. AIRNERGY creates "energized air" that allows every cell in your body to absorb oxygen better and use it more efficiently therefore enhancing the immune system, improving the body's capacity to fight existing health conditions and reducing vulnerability to disease and illness. 

Research shows that just one 20-minute Airnergy session leads to significant changes in the blood, and increases the function and efficiency of the heart and lungs. 

1. Strengthens immune system to fight infection and disease.
2. Helps sports people to improve their performance. 
3. Reduces stress, fatigue and the effects of chronic conditions.
4. Increases energy levels, enhances sense of well being. 
5. Stimulates circulation, lung, heart and brain function.
6. Helps in maintaining and maximizing health as the aging process kicks in. 

Airnergy can be combined with all known treatments and is perfectly suited for implementation as a basic therapy for the following complaints:

Acute and Chronic Pain
Poor concentration
Heart and Vascular diseases
Pulmonary Diseases (Chronic Asthma, Emphysema)
Circulation Disorders
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol Levels
Chronic Fibromyalgia
Rheumatic Disorders
Diabetes Mellitus l & ll
Metabolic Disorder of the Liver
Hormonal Imbalances
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Skin diseases
Sleep Disorders
Burn-out Syndrome
Vision Disorders (Macular Degeneration)
Diseases of Old Age (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease)

Risks and Sides Effects: 
There are no known side effects from using the AINERGY application.