Frequently Asked Questions

Iíve heard about something called a "Beemer" from friends. Why is it so different from other similar sounding systems, and why should I use it if I'm in relatively good health ?

...Iím 68 years old and got a double fracture of my right leg from skiing, requiring surgery and insertion of multiple screws and a plate. The leg was black and blue and swollen... After using (PEMF) I noticed an immediate drop in pain and a noticeable reduction of hematoma and edema... after seven weeks of regular use, I can now walk without limping... This method is not a placebo, it accelerates the natural process...

This company has a world-wide patent on its pulsed electro magnetic field technology, and is the only manufacturer that has devoted significant resources to scientific research. It is also the only PEMF device that has scientifically proven its effect on Microcirculation. In Europe, it is approved as a Class IIa medical device, and has been recently singled out by a medical report for its unique ability to increase Microcirculation and oxygenation. Such increases have a beneficial impact on the immune system and support the body being able to heal itself.

With this particular advanced PEMF technology, there is only one contraindication for those with recent organ transplants. Being safe for use in a range from premature babies all the way to people undergoing radiation treatments is another way it can be distinguished from the competition.

Itís wonderful that you enjoy good health today. That gives you a head start. Unfortunately, we all live in an industrialized country where the negative effects of such invisible factors as cell phone and wireless usage, air pollution, inadequate nutrition, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle are all on the rise. It is no coincidence that as a nation we are also experiencing a steady increase in the number of chronic and acute conditions and diseases, even though we are spending more on health care than ever before in our history. This health crises touches every family at some point.

Regular stimulation of Microcirculation provides the body what it needs to help combat these negative influences at a cellular level before they develop into major symptoms, some of which take years to manifest. Everyone can benefit from using the right PEMF device.

I have had terrible scars from acne since when I was a teenager even though I am now middle aged. I am now also plagued with unsightly cellulite. Are these things you can help me with ?

Absolutely yes. Acne scars is a problem that I also had and I can show you my personal results from a comprehensive regimen including support from nutrition, cleansing, saunas, bio-peeling, Ionocenesis and the SLT, among others. In other countries, these applications have been shown to help safely reduce cellulite deposits.

I have a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and I am also feeling drained of energy so that by late afternoon, I want to collapse, plus I catch every cold that circulates around the office. Is there anything you can do to help me ?

Many programs offered at Vie Harmony are designed to help you improve your energy levels, get a good night's rest and build a stronger immune system. That is really what the concept of Alive Within means. Yes we can help you.

My arthritis pain is getting worse and I am tired of taking drugs and pain killers that upset my stomach. I know they're not good for me over the long run. I've heard that acupuncture can help. I'm kind of apprehensive about using needles.

Acupuncture has a long history of success with arthritis pain. We have other options such as PEMF and Ionocenesis that may help start to feel relief right away. The needles used for acupuncture are very small, and most people do not even feel them being applied.

Please take a look at the testimonial from one of my patients with arthritis, ( click here ) . I have worked with many people who suffer from various types of arthritis with excellent results.

My 35 year old daughter suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivities. She has tried many things but they don't seem to help and she is getting discouraged. My husband and I live on a fixed income and we want to help her, but we also want her to be able to get back on her feet and live a normal life.

MCS and chronic fatigue are conditions new within the past 100 years and reflect the body's difficulty in dealing with new chemical combinations that are unresearched, and other environmental hazards such as electro-smog. The best way to help your daughter is to start by removing the toxic accumulation, and then building up her immune system and Microcirculation. I have many programs which have helped numerous patients with similar problems and improved their quality of life.

I really want to lose weight and get more healthy but I have trouble sticking with diets, I need to see some immediate results.

We can all agree that diets alone do not work well for most people. When you combine healthy nutrition and exercise with a sensible detox and cleansing process, many of my clients experience positive results right away, and feel lighter and mentally sharp too. Of course, everyone's results differ, in part because everyone has a different level of commitment. There is no magic - you do have to work at it. Feeling better is the best motivation to keep on going until your reach your goals.

From looking at your site, there is a lot of technology you bring from Europe. How do I know this is safe for me to use?

All of the European technology we use at Vie Harmony has been tested and used safely in other countries for many years. The monitoring standards in these countries are more stringent in most cases than what we find here at home. I personally use these devices on me and my family and can attest to their effectiveness and safety.

I suffer from digestive problems. I've been taking antacids for many years for my heartburn. Are there any natural alternatives you can suggest?

By implementing a good cleansing program, testing for food allergens and changing the diet accordingly to provide better nutrition, many clients report a noticeable improvement in their digestion.

My LDL cholesterol levels are pretty high and I have to use heavy medications that have unpleasant side effects. I'm worried about using these medications for the rest of my life.

Many of our clients have experienced positive changes in their cholesterol levels by doing a comprehensive cleansing and detox program, nutritional counseling and lifestyle changes such as exercising, and adding natural supplements.