Cleansing & Detox

Cleansing and Detoxification Programs Overview

Additional ways to become alive with inner beauty and a glowing and youthful appearance can be achieved with a careful internal cleansing and detoxification program especially tailored for you. At Vie Harmony, we offer several services and programs, along with nutritional recommendations, to safely guide your journey to greater health and beauty.  Most patients start to feel a difference in their well being fairly soon after starting a program.

Detoxification is defined as cleansing the body of accumulated toxic substances and excess biological compounds. Many of the symptoms produced when you accumulate toxins are similar to allergies, as well as poor digestion, bloating, gas, headaches, fatigue, heartburn and hormonal imbalances.

Toxins must undergo numerous changes in the liver in order to be prepared for elimination. The primary need is to transform those chemicals which are initially fat-soluble into water–soluble compounds, so they can then be eliminated through the kidneys, skin, gallbladder, or in urine, bile and sweat. Removal of toxins enhances various organs’ ability to effectively absorb nutrients, and improves their biological functions, which in turn, supports the immune system to speed the healing process.