Psio Therapy

The PSiO is an advanced personal development tool that has proven to be effective for achieving a state of deep, healing relaxation. It is a specially developed pair of glasses, equipped with an MP3 player, that combines the aesthetics of music, voice relaxation, and light stimulation. Many people have chosen this drug-free alternative to assist with sleep issues, fatigue, and even feelings of depression. After a PSiO session, a person feels refreshed and renewed, like awakening from a restful, peaceful nap. The system is a recreational device, specifically developed to stimulate feelings of wellbeing.

Pulsed Light: Distracts Your Attention

We lead busy lives; it can be difficult to turn off your mind from the issues, problems, and concerns of daily life and work. Pulsed light works to distract the mind, and release it from the constant chatter that simply increases stress and makes it impossible to disconnect — even when the workday is over. A restorative treatment that is drug-free and effective, the PSiO system has been used in hospitals for over two decades, and is completely safe. Many people want to find relief but don’t want to use drug therapy due to its many side effects and negative impact on mental clarity. PSiO offers a new way to restore and rejuvenate. It emits no dangerous emissions or electromagnetic waves.

Why Use the PSiO System?

If you are struggling with certain problems, you could find the relief you need without drugs. Many clients have chosen this system to help resolve the following issues:

  • Sleep Disorders
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Intellectual Strain
  • Issues Associated with Shift Work

If you are searching for an effective method to make your life more peaceful and productive, the PSiO system may be exactly what you need to restore your feelings of wellbeing.

Positive Visions: Starting Your Day

The system can be used in the morning, before work, with positive visualizations that allow you to approach the day with better attitude, rather than dreading what is coming. Your attitude has everything to do with your performance.

Afternoon Sessions: A Powernap with a Difference

It is well established that the mind restores when released from ongoing tensions. In the afternoon, the PSiO can be employed for this purpose. The music stimulates the mind, energizing you to become more capable of dealing with the hours ahead, productively and positively.

Evening Sessions: Relaxation

Pulsed colors and relaxing, soothing voices allow you to bring a halt to the ongoing flow of thoughts that make it impossible to break free and truly rest. If you have trouble getting to sleep, the PSiO is a wonderful alternative to sleeping pills and their many side effects.

Added Features: Targeted Programs for an Enhanced Life

The mind at rest can be more suggestible, and open to making fundamental changes to enhance and improve various areas of your life. Owners of the system are able to download programs created to target various life issues. Just a few of the targeted personal development programs available include:

  • Weight management
  • Sleep inducement
  • Anti-depression

Leading Edge Relaxation Technology

The PSiO system is the result of almost 30 years of development in neuroscience. It blends together several technologies, including physical optics, acoustics, electronics and computer technology. Developed in Belgium by a leading researcher in optical physics, it was crafted so that the light pulses reach the entire surface of the eye lens. The final development phase involved creating glasses that were exceptionally comfortable, rechargeable, and produced the most positive impact upon the individual, as envisioned by the developers.


You may have several questions about the PSiO system. Read some basic questions and answers about this amazing technology:

Is the light the system emits dangerous?

Emphatically, no. You can use the system as frequently as you need. No ultraviolet or infrared rays are emitted by the device. Your eyes can be either open or closed when using the system. Some people suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, and should not use this or other light-emitting technologies.

Has the PSiO system been tested for safety?

Yes. It has already been in use for over two decades in hospital environments as an alternative to drug therapy.

Is this a medical device?

No. This device was developed for recreational use.

What types of programs can be downloaded to the PSiO?

Currently the families of programs available include colored light/music, meditation, performance, and relaxation. Specific programs have been developed to target certain issues, including weight management and depression. These are available to you now.

The PSiO system is now available to clients of Vie Harmony, where we are passionate about staying ahead of the curve in recent developments in technology and holistic healing. The impact of stress upon the body is known to be a precursor to illnesses and diseases; staying healthy includes stress management techniques that work. The addition of the PSiO system to your health regimen could bring you the relief you need to move forward with your life in a healthier, happier way. We provide a range of treatments, including acupuncture, naturopathy, and modern technological systems that can help you live life with less stress, more confidence, and able to achieve full relaxation without the need to numb your body with drugs and chemicals. Find out more about the PSiO system from one of our caring staff at Vie Harmony.

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